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Stairmaster 4000pt is the top class product that makes you fit and smart. It is very boring and bogus while you manually climb the stairs but it provides the best alternative of that. The entire machine is designed in such a way that not only helps to reduce the weight but also keep your bones and muscles in its upright position. Anyhow machine is medically recommended for all.  Company is providing 6 months warranty for parts and labor while life time warranty is given for the entire frame. Extra after sale service support is given on the purchase of the product depending on the fact that from which dealer you are going to buy.

StairMaster 4000PTSafety Guidelines:

Here are some of the safety guidelines that will help to reduce the risk of burns or electric shock that may cause the injury to person.

    1. Make it sure that disconnect the power supply from the main AC wall outlet. It will not only keep you protected from electric shock but also safe the internal parts from burnt.
    2. During the exercise programs don’t make any repair or adjustments.
    3. In order to be protected while the machine is doing programming, keep your hands away from the moving part. And concentrate on the movements while putting your feet on the pedals. This will prevent you from falling from the running machine.
    4. Before operating the machine, read the instructions in the manual. Take complete knowledge and information about the parts and how to operate them.
    5. Place the extra parts, accessories and manual at safe place provided by the company with that machine.
    6. Before plug in the machine for the first time check two major things. Firstly check the main electric supply that is it at normal AC rate. And secondly check the plug and coil of the machine completely such that either it is damaged at any place or not.
    7. Before connecting to the main electric supply, fulfill the grounding instructions.
    8. Keep all the cord from heated surfaces. It will enhance the workability and resistibility of the wires.
    9. Try to avoid using aerosol products near it. It will damage the frame and body of the machine.
    10. During the running of the machine never ever drop any things in it. It will damage the steps or lever of the pedals.

  1. While handling the batteries, wear the insulated glove to be on the safe side. So that if there could be any short circuiting, it will protect you from severe electric shock.

All these safety measure will ensure that how much company is concerned and apprehensive about their customers of stairmaster 4000pt. Besides all these precautionary measure, you have to check the damages and wears in the wires on frequent basis. So, that you are able to repair the machine in time. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead you towards the serious damage or injury. Moreover, it will reduce the longevity of the machine because you are compromising the efficiency of machine.

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  1. Charles Goetting says:

    could you tell me haw to change the time from 60 sec. to 30 sec. on my PT 4000
    thank you

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